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To all our clients,

It certainly has been a troubling few weeks that we've all been facing, and we hope that you and your families have been able to stay as safe and well as possible in this difficult time.

It has been important for us at Mortimer Window Cleaning to consider many factors with regard to the work and services we provide for you, namely; what is legal, what is locally acceptable within the community and how we can protect you and ourselves while working.

With this in mind, please note the steps that we are implementing to keep in line with governmental social distancing measures and to protect you and your family.


  • Where possible, you will be contacted via phone, text or email to arrange the cleaning of your windows.

  • If for any reason we should have to knock on your door, we will step away from the door in order to maintain the appropriate distance.

  • Your cooperation in ensuring we have access to all the windows before we arrive will be greatly appreciated to avoid any face to face contact on the day.

  • You will be informed via one of the previously stated methods when we have finished work on your property.


  • All payments should please be made via BACS online transfer.

  • You will be sent the account details electronicallly so as to avoid contact.

  • In cases where BACS is not possible, please inform us and we can make necessary arrangements.

  • If you require an invoice for the work carried out, please inform us and one can be sent via email.

  • Physical invoices will be left only where ABSOLUTELY necessary.


  • As has already been our practice, we will continue to wipe down and clean all equipment used after every job.

  • Anti-bacterial hand gel will be applied before and after every job.

  • PPE (face masks and gloves) will be worn while work is being carried out


  • During this time we are only cleaning the externals of buildings

  • All internal work has been put on hold

  • All traditional window cleaning has been put on hold (this is to reduce the risk of falling from ladders which could put added pressure on the NHS)

We hope you respect and appreciate the measures we are taking to ensure the safety of all involved. If you are self-isolating or wish to delay our servies at this time then do not hesitate to let us know and arrangements can be made for work to continue at a later date.

We hope this update helps to allay any worries and finds you in the best health possible.

Stay safe,

Cameron Mortimer


Mortimer Window Cleaning

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